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Happy New Year :P

Happy New Year..
if I could type in Chinese, I would...but I dunno how.

But imagine I wrote "xin nian kuai le, gong xi fa cai" etc. etc.


Yea, yay. That was fun.


soon-ah will be done wit da troubles of da world...

my typed representation of Soon-Ah.


I hate hospitals. Maybe that's partly why I can't become a doctor.
But the atmosphere is..somber.
Especially when you're there to visit. Even if you know he/she's alright.
Seeing him/her lying there is unsettling.

I hate it. I hate it.

And I hate Newton South for its lack of political diversity and tolerance. But I suppose that it's rare to find such things right?

One More Update

Yes, just another update for the sake of updating...
and I'm NOT apply ED to you know where...

because me + ED = way to stressful and just fglsjfldsjfdsl.

Anyways, so..Emory has a funny story.
Some applicant got 29 letters of recommendations.
So say..you take six classes a year, that's 18.
And maybe you decide to add in your senior year people as well.

And I missing school on Monday..or at least in the morning.
I should stop procrastinating.

I will post..and read...good luck and whatnot.

Hello World!

Oh it's like a wordpress test blog. You probably don't get what I just said...

anyways, I exist.

That's all for now.

new AIM sn

But since I always save my passwords, I have no idea what the password for dreamydaydream (aim account) is...

what a perfect time for a new sn!!!!

sign0fwish -> add, DUH!
Or comment with your sn, and I'll add you.

Have I mentioned I really like laptops...muahaha, watching Asian dramas in my bed! *.*

Will we see each other ever again?

Please tell me yes!

A: AP American Gov (Murphy)
B: H Madrigals (Youngman)
C: AP Music Theory (Youngman) (m/b dropping!)
D: AP French (Merle)
E: 1st semester British Literature (Todd) / 2nd semester Horror Fiction (Daynard)
F: AP Physics C (Finn)
G: AP BC Calculus (Deutch)


Sorry, I've been...not updating.
Not that half of you care..

anyways, first day of school tomorrow. Ah, I don't want to go. I refuse. Let's...live in a hole, anyone up for it?

In other news, Donna has a random crush on this Asian acapella singer.
Go figure.

See a lot of you at school tomorrow...hmm.

Facebook me?

yay! or nay!

I'll probably end up forgetting about it (like myspace) soon.
:) But add me, will ya?

Did I mention that I love my expression?

Jul. 10th, 2006

Well, going on the T (public transportation) during rush hour is a very interesting experience.